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@sjm's cover photo on Brapp.


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lalaumusic London

shotstoppa Real nice. Soulful, voice draws me in.


sjm Love that voice. Be good with a slow trip hop beat. Could be arranged lol.

mannimusic From London yeah

jdogg Fire girl

guineto_beats What a flow !!!

charlieb Fucking great.

jrfbbeats Please work with me


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psyren Dover

PsyReN-Enter The Fairground
Beat by gwop
This beat is ace! Brought memories but also a crazy twist too! Let me know whatyou think yo! Peace #brapp #rap... read more


gwop YES MAM !!!!! DOPE !

psyren @gwop thanks man! What a sick beat you made

anishbeats Dope

rollg word word

monstermatt Word up where you at?


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sosouthern This is absolutely sick, proper gassed me.

dharmonk_beats oh my dayz!


adictg Mic!!

newancients HAM!


mrfayyaz Such a dope brapp

slowz Always got tym 4 Mike! Well earned attention

longblu OOOOOSH

notion Holy shit SON!

wheelz Can u share my new video plz

mahill BooOom!

djdaredevil That's the dope shit... Gwan

nebula_beatz i am a young French independent label, and we would like to know if a collaboration is possible? We would like to collate on a mixtape: 12 French artists and 12 English or American artists. This project will not commercial , but will be distributed free way and its purpose will be to promote these artists and more broadly the Hip Hop culture. If this project motivates you check me on cheers

calmdowncolin Ct9

thafamilia @MicRighteous on the Brapp app flex my g! Gwan , mad barz

misstrouble oiii oiii Mic on the ting you know ;)




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lrd Dope

ivewon Cheers bro! @lrd


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lrd SICK

djevidenz Yeah man big up, went in on if

joeshire Yesss some lovely reference in there G!

witnessmc @lrd big ups man!! @djevidenz safe one fam, absolutely muted that beat!

witnessmc @joeshire saaaafe one brudda, full track coming on my debut Ep ft. Skrabl and Cw Jones

witnessmc @djevidenz I meant murked, autocorrects doing me wrong

docskeng dope, check my beats and follow me back g! love that flow :24 onwards, spazzzzin!

djevidenz Ha, thats ok, I managed to get what you was saying. Thanks for saying so man. Oh btw I've performed with Skrabl, small skrkf eh !?


kyu_tracks Nice! Keep it up!

geebag Jokes, mans feeling it

witnessmc @scragdiggy Safe man I'll give em a butchers! @djevidenz ahh is it? I've still yet to meet the fella but he comes off as a g through facebook and that! @geebag ahaha big ups bruvvaaa!

djevidenz Yeah trust the dudes safe. Good luck with the EP. Holla me when it's done. If you wNt cuts on tracks il do you a good price too


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stretchmc Geeza.... Stop it!

youthstar Crack me up


bricks dude fire.

cptcletus Haha BADMAN


david_amelei Haha siiiiiick

viciouscreep jheeeeez.....dope


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Hunting Games: 100
Beat by adibanti
Hunting Games: Episode 2


jyager @Adibanti

nikimukhi Yess @jyager and @adibanti .... Dons with the Sunday morning fire

adibanti Yessss!!!! Smashed it!!!!!

dharmonk_beats yes yes!

djevidenz Killed it, u just made a classic lol

jyager @Adibanti thank my g.. Beats amazing

jyager @djharmonk blessings brother

jyager @djevidenz my g thanks bro

adibanti Bruv we have to record this

gramsofdroe DoPe! Reppin the dank!

newancients Whoah! Killah flow per usual cuhz

silverback So fucking good @jyager straight illing!

jyager @Adibanti lets do it bro

jyager @skrips big up g Dunknow

jyager @silverback thanks my g.

lowpitch Jheeeze man, fully smashed it! Mad flow, big up

jyager @lowpitch thanks my g

ricksta How did you not pass out? That was nuts bro real nice


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themez #broken£nglish #ironbraydz #parky #foreignbeggars all the headddZ

silverback all the heads


phizikgarm Sickkkk!!!

phizikgarm @mchedge

freshtodeath HARD!!!

missmiakang Woooooooooooo

ayahmarar Dope

dosgringos Dopeness

waxyleeds Harddd

boomsy Jeeeezzz fire right here

sonnyjim I fucks with this

im_floki theme back at it dun know!!!!!!


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challis_uk Dope!

hi_jak ill T!!

dosgringos Yessss! Big up verb twazzer!!!

badhabitz Big ups g!!

verbt @badhabitz beats real nice man

rinsulin Really nice g

silverback Wooooah @verbt @badhabitz

mcsubliminal Loving the beat + Verb never disappoints !

firedog This.... You... Your skills....

firedog Is fucking crazy... i could watch you all day just spitting rimes from that wonderfilled brain of yours <3

leafdog killed it t... we gona use this for the rld sp ep u wanna be on it?

djlok Boom!

verbt @leafdog yeah man, for sure

marston Dope


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casablanca Dope!

missmiakang I actually love this

jonnydrillz Glad you like it ;)

newancients Dopeness!


User @jonnydrillz's avatar

foreignbeggars illi

jonnydrillz Respect

missmiakang Looooove

jfield Going in jonny! haven't heard you spit since we did silk city, you've gotten loads better since then, fire fam


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julezus_caeser Ard

verse1 Love it bruv ,beat is fat 2

foreignbeggars Badman

foreignbeggars I should get you the beat to meek for real..

missmiakang I love you

dharmonk_beats soo sick

3000bass Decent


datavelli Whoooii

orkeztra fire


blatantlyblunt smashed it!

mskal Nice dude.....

russ Yes rags you memba me??? I told you at high focus 5th b day at plan b Brixton u was going places saw u at the boat party Croatia we was talking about Crawley and I said won't be long till u hit radio. Absolutely smashing it brudda good to see a local dude killin music.....the Deep South is watching man stay on top

evon Nice

krayze Yes bruv....

rhymasaurartist Leaving em' all behind ....


eratticrecords Yesss raggers

odie_beatz Dope man

bgfrecords Like your flow. Dm us on insta @bgfrecords

26beats This man is on Fire !!!!