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Tony Magee

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2-1-2016 New EP in the month New Website New Beats Videos


barz Bad

slowz Hella cold!

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Beat by djvadim
Juuuuuuust Jammin


nikimukhi So amazee

3mb4 jheez

newancients Wooooooooh!! Fyah burnin hot

sosouthern So sick

boombapfestival Smashed it

evalazarus @nikimukhi @embaone thanks bab!!!

evalazarus @sosouthern @boombapfestival aaaayyyy!!! Ta loves!! X

djvadim U should come back studio!!!

montymontana85 Spicy

boombapfestival We need to get you on stage at boom bap festival

evalazarus @djvadim it's gonna go down!!! January! Yaaaaaassss!

evalazarus @montymontana85 thank you

evalazarus @boombapfestival yessss!! That would be doooooope!! Let's make that happen!!

simpz1online bhum fusion x

kayesstee Going in don't stop

alivewithin So good!!

davebass dope!!!

tenbagbanditz This is fuckinG sickkk

ainaroxx Yes Yes.

indigo Wasaaaaah brrrraaaaap


g3nes12 Jheez... That voice is flames straight


_chillmode_ @evalazarus fresh.

rober Nice

rober Wery good

vlackmotor Cool! Hope u sing on my beats!!!

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citizenk #sosouthern #brapp #140bpm


sosouthern Jheez went inn g

foreignbeggars Yes!

citizenk @sosouthern @foreignbeggars

yorkz Jheeeez

citizenk @grmdaily

knrs Fire!!

skitzbeatz ill

citizenk @yorkz @knrs @skitzbeats Much appreciated

skemezy Yooooo fire lad

shubzmusic my dargie u went in bell me later fam

artisttytc Jheeze

huskybeats jheeze!!!!!

tobaccorat ooo shit

foreignbeggars need some new barz family

citizenk @foreignbeggars

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foreignbeggars Bawsy!!!! Man like Mayhem in the fuckin building

jczammit Sickkk

sosouthern Oiii 'Eu-ro gang!'

foreignbeggars May you need to fux with @thepastrymaker kids got beats

5stageneral Melv???

runwaymay @5stageneral no ones called me that since '98 lol

5stageneral I knew you '91 thru '96 bruv

runwaymay @5stageneral hahaha u sure did!

rwsmlz My nigga!


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challis_uk Yeah! Big up the pumps

mynameisnuttyp Smashed it bruv

verse1 Killer freestyle that what we like to see big up to all the freestyles

nonames Levels.. and the fact the zoot stayed alight

jrolla So many rhymes with "zoot". A good argument for every song to be about bud!!!

huskybeats sick bars

huskybeats sick bars

bannyb when i walk in the dance people stop and glance there like how did you get the scares" my favortie grime barz still till this day !!!

jay3 Fuckkkkkkkk ! #dirt

jay3 I cant find the beat ?

oneoz Ill delivery

4phit bars

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sosouthern Ayyyyy sick flow

3mb4 safe g

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evalazarus Yaaaaaaaaaas

illuminative Savage!

wrdy Make it as a beat on Dropbox and I can do something. ONIT @gracesavage

dsgryme can I use this, after a while closed my eye to concentrate on the quality and it sick

3mb4 ill

monstermatt I love you

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barz Respect family!! If you put headphones in the beat doesn't double play.. Sounding strong tho cuz!!!

skemezy Cheers bro yeh had earphones in but still keeps skipping. Respect 4 support tho lad