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Anebriate MC

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marston Sick

marston Lol I ment to write than on @kinetiks haha

kinetiks Yes bruv. Wicked! Like that style delivery.

marston @kinetics bless up bro

skintman yo bro u wanna send me this verse, ill put it on the new album?


skintman thats sort of style stuff gunna be on deya

marston Optional("")@skintman yes brother , Iโ€™d be honoured, your beats are unreal, itโ€™d be a pleasure inbox incoming

marston Optional("")@skintman didnโ€™t realise you spat bro forgive my uneducated self , impressive stuff

skintman hit up my email

skintman or add me on facebook don im always on there @marston


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bigmungz Portsmouth

skintman Yes big man! I dont get on here much but u always holdin it down respect g

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bigsmokinjoe Burnham-on-Sea

Jan 6th Burnham Bars
Beat by skintman
Australian Tour... yay... first off, burnham Jan 6th and GlastonJan 19th Brapp!


skintman Yeeee bro nice i rate that!

bigsmokinjoe Optional("")@skintman cheers bro, loving that beat!

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skintman Sheffield

Return of the Skint
Beat by osirus
Back again with another quick verse sounding like a bag head with a chest infection #brapp #boombap #skintman #bars


osirus Tribe bars sick! Big ups!

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skintman @sonorous_ru1

skintman @dtaeallday both u man held it f

skintman down hard*

skintman link up ting


skintman @nikimukhi big upps bro watch out soon come shittt

sonorous_ my cup of fucks gone missing

dombele Big up skintman . Had respect for a long time every beat on SoundCloud goes hard you definitely deserve a top spot in the game . Trust

skintman @archermc safe g means alot, gonna get some actuall music done soon haha

marston Bars brother

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raad Boom


danielvillegas rhyme scheme is fire!!!

sonorous_ In sync with my inner chi// In sync with the inner me// Spiritually "in to meet deit"ies (intermediate) my ancestors// An gain there wisdom//

skintman bang bang bang

skintman this is hard G

sonorous_ @skintman much appreciated brother, the beat made me do it!!!

skintman yo we should collab

sonorous_ @skintman yeah let's!

sonorous_ @skintman you got instagram?

skintman @sonorous_ru1 yes bruv skintagramm

skintman @sonorous_ru1 yes bruv skintagramm

djoserpharaoh #Dopeness bro!

sonorous_ @djoserpharaoh appreciated brother, would love to utilise your voice on a hook or few....

skintman This is savage

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dtaeallday San Diego

Rapz' Grim Reaper
Beat by skintman
PLEASE FOLLOW MY PROFESSIONAL ARTIST PAGE ON IG @dtae_allday and my everyday life page @trainregardless #rap... read more


geebag That's such a dope take!

quantumatics Dope

skintman yeah bwoyy i don't get on here much, this is hard G!!

dtaeallday Yo thx a lot, my Instagram is "trainregardless"


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dtaeallday Ladi dadi we likes to party

lepero DEAMMM

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Skintman - One take
check this little preview Epenniless coming soon



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skintman Bristol


mick_swagger I wrote a bar that I can't remember. Heavy!!

skintman Haha safe man


sonorous_ flows butter brother!

pertrelli Cleeeean

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Grind it up
Back making beats and shit again, watch out for this track coming soon on my first release the 5 track PENNILESS EP... read more


keiosxlek Ohh shiiitt dope broo

raad i dig

docskeng JHEEZ

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