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S.K.I.T.Z. Beatz

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Sk!tz Beatz 'NAPALM'
Spray on this beat for a chance to go in the studio with Skitz Beatz and film a music video with director Icey!... read more


3mb4 gunna duppy dis

manni That's fire!!

foreignbeggars @discarda

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Sk!tz Beatz 'WHAT? WHO?'
#grime #grmbeatz #london #skitzbeatz #140 spray on this beat for a chance to go in the studio with Skitz Beatz and... read more


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wrdy U do the hook I'll spit

thebreaks Wooooooooi!!!!

thebreaks @skitzbeatz

jamescherry @thebreaks

jamescherry @brapp

nikimukhi So dope!!

jamescherry @nikimukhi ah you legend! thank you!

jfield Would rather have you on a hip hop rap hook to be fair :)

dsgryme Yo this is fire G, check Ma profile

3mb4 big

snowmanmc Nice hook come lay one down for me collab ?


verse1 Soooo big

offthericta This was fucking filllthyyyyyy!!!

raad Big up @jamescherry

keiosxlek daaammnn !!!! dope broooo :)

dempsey Mj on grime

sophiejade Still coming back to this!

sweetwrapper Sick bro

putitonline Crazy bro crazy

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foreignbeggars sounding illi


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skeptic7 Found out about your competition on instagram is this the beat.. ive just come on this site and made an account all new to me. Respect Skitz

twoface This the one we rap over?

nikimukhi @twofvce Any one from @skitzbeatz or @grmdaily ... just use the hashtag #GRMbeatz

nikimukhi @skeptic7 yeah man. Just on any beat by @skitzbeatz on his channel or the ones on the @grmdaily channel

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funtcaseuk Boom!!

missmiakang This is fun!!

artisttytc Time to slaughter this

tazmajor Long time !. Stil sounding siick

sense16 Can I use this?! Just for a video on here?

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jrokkamusic wooooooo.. jeeeeeez

cheddar I got something for this beat I need to drop it asap

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missmiakang Oooooo

cecilmcfarrell Jeez mario on acid

jrokkamusic jeeez

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missmiakang Yayer

ayahmarar Dope

verse1 Big things a gwan

3mb4 Fiyaa

jdotake Yo when did skitz sign saten to co-produce beats with him

wrdy Sick vibez