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fordz tyskie the drink of champions, sick cuts

curtcataract Killed it homie! you got the cutz

remulak Bangin!

jazzychavo aye!!

foreignbeggars bloooks

scratch4cash Nice

emceegoldy Sick

gig19 Aaaaaa that is ILL @kompoze

sicksixet killin it

djlethalskillz Fik Fiki Freessshhhhh!

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micallparknsun it down!!!!!!!

foreignbeggars Innnnssiiiiiiide

hinesyhines BIG!

sumgii This is exactly why this app is the best.

ayahmarar I had to let the man know

iomega One of my all time fav rappers

si_phili Thanks @iomega

dhuz Amazing flow on all your works bro!!! :)

abetheproducer Ridiculous freestyle!

bgfrecords Hello. Really like your flow, wanna bring you some value. DM us on insta @bgfrecords

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illuminative Veteran T, smashed it!

fordz one of my idolz

quantumatics Damn son! BOSS!

charliemac nice one man @verb

vard Large

pyne Yes bro!

gordon_tusk Good shit dude!

poyzon The don

cecilmcfarrell Verb T you're a Grumpy prick DOPE BRO

nebula_beatz Tchek ma fucking beat bro

vicebeats This is nice man! As ever!


docskeng Dope, follow me back and check my beats if you can verbs!

greaseburn should be a single

greaseburn should be a single

violentlyill big up verbz!

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b_clever bro, sick

nephilim Dope man.fully rate this

crtz Yes yes!

hazelkari Vibes!

presa_otis Yea bro that was a dope freestyle keep it up g!!

ukmillz You'd see me on robbery tings. No lie that's what happens when poverty wins" jeez barz

lindenjay bars

slowz Respect man! Love 4 that

lastdisciple doooooope!!

winners Yeah man!!!

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