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Brad Slade @slardy's cover photo on Brapp.
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medikayshun Top work fam

verbo Safe geeze!! Are you using that beat atall? Would love to put that on my upcoming E.P for ONELION records if ur keen?

medikayshun Sounds good to me man, reach me at ,I'll send it over

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Verbo - Aka Stevie C
Verbo @ OneLion HQ #ukhh


chatta87 Sick man heightened energy man haha big ups

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chatta87 Fucking illy mate big ups man

verbo Safe one bruvvaaa

verbo #boombap

verbo @boombapfestival

verbo #boombapfestival

verbo @boombapfestival

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dj_flamb Yiaah flow!

verbo Safe man, much appreciated

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slowz Man said Tung fu! That's sick g

badhabitz I don't wanna see no Jackie chan shit

dsgryme Nice, I've got beats that need blessing, more Boom Bap, Grime and RnB coming soon

davebass dude this should be a proper tune. sick!!!!

crtz Big!

lowlife sick with it !

lrd Fire

viciouscreep hahahahaha..............datkidĀ“s the man

mrslipz Killed it g

chase jheeze

beatcotheque bringin the heat!

shrinkmusic bro you could murder my beats hit that shit up.

rollg yah man !