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Nick Spicer

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thaprofessional straaaaight slazzzz

djoserpharaoh YuuuuuM!

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slyq Nice bro

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jayprophit this 1's jazzy

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thaprofessional SLAZZY 94S

gold1ne Mad!

jimscreechy fuckin with that rare groove shit all day!!!

jayprophit Classics all day.

illuminative ill producer


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Safe and Sound
Beat by slyq
No I didnt miss mothers day! 😂 Family first but most of all show love for the woman that brought you into this world!... read more


slyq Siiiick nice one g

mickymuckmusic Respect man! The beats a vibe 👌🏼

illuminative Real lyrics bro

mickymuckmusic Nice one man!

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Beat by drewdude
Massive respect to my donny! @drewdude of this absolutely ace instrumental holy shit I can't wait for this album... read more


drewdude fire don

futurarhymez Cheers bruvvaaa ! Glad ya feelin it donny!💯✌🏼

futurarhymez @drewdude will try and link you on the weekend man!

drewdude oh I am feeling it bro

futurarhymez Wicked man!! Glad you are @drewdude Gonna try and get somet down when I'm free m8

klandestyne yes rhymes sharpness on the lyrics fyah on the beat@drewdude

futurarhymez Cheers dad!! Glad ya feelin em! Dat lfc game tho! 4-0 with 10 men!! @klandestyne ✌🏼️👏🏻👌🏻

futurarhymez Cheers dad!! @klandestyne the lfc game tho with 10 men aswell!!!👏🏻👌🏻✌🏼️

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raad 👊🔥

budhoundz @raad safe bro!!!

budhoundz @smoking_souls saaaaafe 👊🏻