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Travis William Bates @smugglermc's cover photo on Brapp.
Travis William Bates @smugglermc's profile picture on Brapp.

Travis William Bates

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saulthesame flowin! nice nice

hollyflo All your beats are dope as fudge @saulthesame

dancingdaza YES Holly!

hollyflo Haha yeah the other dog walkers were like what is she doing first I under cut them then I rap in Trees PUNK

hollyflo Haha @dancingdaza you made an account! I wanna see you shake it to some boombap

vitaminggg steeeezy shizz guuuurl! x

nikimukhi Sick! Big up @hollyflo and big up the tree!

jazzychavo brrrrap!


ladysanity Love this, your vibe is so relaxed

shotgunshell Floooowwww

flowtecs barsssss!! smashed it

djshorty79 Dope as ever! Good luck!


lastdoghung Shout out to Poppy

potency93 Fireeeeeeeee

mskal nice flow ......

oozhe @hollyflo yeaaaaaaaa! salute! collab?

hollyflo Thanks guysch xx

hollyflo @physiks @evalazurus you are my Brapp heros <3

wish Big like your content and delivery if wanna collar check me out

lrd BIG

madengo Bloomin magic

fionajane Mazing

docskeng Going in! Follow me back and check my beats

lyricalmadd Dope flow.

thesinger @hollyflo you are so dope. Your flow is bananas.

brennan Your are so dope!!!!!!


notesproducer Sweet!

notesproducer I think you may like this vibe, I’d love you to hear jamming on it:

User @smugglermc's avatar
User @smugglermc's avatar

theteomateo nice man

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buntybeats Booom

silverback Yeeeah

soundsreal it's obvious... you're not the average hop hopper. big up

soundsreal *hip hopper...

blurum13 @buntybeats this shit is bangin...

blurum13 @soundsreal hahaha

User @connorjones's avatar

danieldan Big ups!

connorjones @danieldan thanks homie

barzovcharlie Went in


joeshire Fire Flow!

connorjones @barzovcharlie @quantumatics @joeshire YALL THE REAL MVPs

lukefluency Bringin dem skillz

jfield Genuinely thought it was Ozzy Osbourne from the thumbnail lol

smugglermc Holy shit

renan1017 Full auto flow!