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Arjun Sodhi @sodhi's cover photo on Brapp.
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eb0nyr0se London

gwop fire ma !!!!!!

raad dope

dsgryme Tell them

reemremi Beautiful voice


eightysix Much much

zzzzzxi233 love

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raad holy smokes

sonnyduke Dope !

elhawk Bananas

dirtybuckle Dope!!!

cyphercircuit Damn Girl!

killmiami Sick! Whats your email?

prodprophets love it

russ Cheeeeezus

da_ruff_poet Feeling that nice work!

billy_pielgrzym Nice!!!

mr got that old Wu Tang vibe

antidot3 @grimeviolinist dope! Lets work

alphamemphis this is wild dope! would love to work on a track with you

lepero deamm

thingy love this!

microdotcotton So sick!

aziegotbeats This is sick, how do i get in contact for some samples?

grimeviolinist Optional("Optional(\"\")@killmiami sorry long reply didn't go on here 4 yrs lol

grimeviolinist Optional("")@alphamemphis email me

grimeviolinist Optional("")@aziegotbeats heyy, email me

grimeviolinist Optional("")@antidot3 email me


jeaniusbeats This is hot!

mikewordz check out the finished track

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trav San Marcos

Counter Clockwise
Sorry guys I don't really have an explanation for this one, hip hop beat with some funky yet brutal 8 string slaps?... read more


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lastdoghung Nice bars mate!

bilkse Eeesh

werstovski Cheers!

tommyjr Niiiiiice got flow

werstovski cheers bro


werstovski Much appreciated man

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raad cerrrrrrti

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rondeux Romford

raad bars

rondeux Respect

tommyjr Nice

timeoutbeats Dope! Much love for jumping on the beat

rondeux Cheers mate it's a sick beat

eightysix Yep yep

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raad boom

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zarahjones Canada

tommyjr . I like it

djlethalskillz @zarahjones u always cut it like a Glutton, bless dem beats and inspire us to do more, TQ! Ima hit u up soon on doze collabos pending ::P Big Big Salute! Bless up

akem_manah Your voice is heavenly