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@sofunkyman's cover photo on Brapp.
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spyrosio very nice

madeleinewood nice

raad Fresh

bahia Who are u????

dotgotbeats Dope

djharrylove @bahia thats an odd question

bahia @djharrylove wasn't a question it was more like "wow ur talented"

djharrylove @bahia ahh. thank you

muckyminor Just jumped on this beat! Sent you a email too. This beat is haarrddd well done bro @djharrylove

sylvanmerci I had to put something down to this bro #Levels

rhymeskeemz 50 ways

rhymeskeemz So dope

rustyjoints So SOLID

alleydarklight magifique

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geobeatzuk Noice!



honourstea Dusty as fuck... Love this

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zarahjones Norwich

Beat by ded_tebiase
This beat was too hot not to sing on #Brapp #Saturday #night #vibes #chilled


percyfilth dope. noice beat by the homie ded too.

wrdy Check my page out @Zarahjones we could do a little summin maybe !

wrdy @zarahjones could do with a singer

zarahjones I'll have a look and thanks

ahurumazda Power!

zarahjones @sunstar795 thank you


quest Sick!

zarahjones Cheers!

az_mxb Ayyy this is a wave

zarahjones @az_mxb thanks

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zarahjones Norwich

Late night mess about....


oozhe Yea!!!!

zarahjones I should have done it this morning coz damn I sound tired

zarahjones @oozhe great beat

oozhe @zarahjones still you went in!! A little personal one just for me! thanks I will be uploading more soon as!

zarahjones Thought that would tickle ya

oozhe @zarahjones


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zarahjones Norwich

Chance to change
Beat by crypmindbeats
#singing #on #a #banger #amazing #beat sorry it's not rapping but it's too deep not to sing on


zarahjones I hear sooo much that could be going off behind my vocals harmony wise but Iv only got one of me

crypmindbeats Never thought of anyone singing on that beat tbh, you pulled it off. It's thanks for blessing the beat. Lyrics are too

zarahjones Cheers it's a great beat

djez Sincerely you'r a great singer, you are rapin too and more your voice is pure you are impressive it is always a pleasure to listen to you!! Now you know what I think of you Mrs Jones

zarahjones Appreciated thank you !!!

chylez Really nice !! Great


zarahjones Thanks guys!

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zarahjones Norwich

monsieureone oh yeesss !! what a voice !!!! very impressed.. thank you so much to choose my beat for this piece of song.. Speak with you about a colab whenever you want !! <3

timeoutbeats Niceee

zarahjones @monsieureone cheers! Glad you like it. Would love to get the full version

zarahjones @timeoutbeats

zarahjones Niceeee oneeee

timeoutbeats Lol

monsieureone @zarahjones with pleasure! Give me fews days to finish it and may be we can work something together on it? What is your email?

zarahjones and yea a collab

zarahjones @Monsieurone any chance I can get that beat sooner rather than later? The response Iv had back in 24 hours is immense! If love to do two versions, one of my own and one with you if poss but wanna play it live @sundown on Saturday is this possible

zarahjones @monsieureone I'm hounding you for this beat loool

zealous1 Karma gives back do love yes!!!

zarahjones Check out the finished version on soundcloud @MissZarahJonesX

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steelberg Yes Yes, would you be keen to work on some tracks together?

monsieureone @fionajane so glad you choosed my beat for this beautiful song! I am ready for a colab anytime you want!


fionajane @monsieureone ah glad you like it. Wicked, my email is

hollyflo Love this !!

ahurumazda Jewelz Queen

chylez Just amazing!! Love your voice, it's just perfect.

sofunkyman The entire song please

zarahjones Love this chick!!!

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Days go by
Beat by steelberg
@steelberg Few days late! Thanks for the beat :)


ahurumazda Tonal good business

starseedbeats Really smooth I love it !

steelberg Yes, This is TIght. Im an Mc aswell, If you ever want to link on some tracks let me know. Would be keen to get on some stuff!

steelberg Haha had this on replay it's so nice to have someone on a beat of mine! Thank you.

raad really digging this sound

akem_manah Shiiiiit this keeps you in a trance

zarahjones You never fail

da_ruff_poet Killed it again fiona

oozhe Yea you killed this!

keiosxlek daamm beautiful voice !! like it !!

iiiiffy stunning voice