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Treble Clef @sop's cover photo on Brapp.


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rizz Cuz that’s straight fire

smirks Optional("")@rizz bless up bro, I'm new to this but I'm feeling it, I'll drop one every day

rizz Yes my bro I got nuff beats on here jump on that anytime I’m feeling it

sosouthern Tell him

sosouthern @foreignbeggars check the worldplay g

marston Smashed it brother


jdogg This is ILLL

hoodldn Savage!!! You don’t want to see me with the gang waste man!! You don’t want to see me on my own. Real heat


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Pistu X Zone and Kay
Beat by zonebeats
My lil bro cooked up and I added to the table...simple math as always


zonebeats Straight fire bro


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mrconcept Love that beat and dr9p3x's flow. Good music.

dr9p3x Optional("")@mrconcept bug ups. Respect.

blurum13 Blaaaooww

mfvandal Oh mate you are a massive g work with me Breda I beg ya that’s the illist shit iv heard in time so sick

dr9p3x @mfvandal big ups man. I know you're busy doing your thing. This is my kinda vibes, if you got tracks similar no doubt we can do something. I'm picky because i know what vibes suits me as an artist. no disrespect, just being straight with you.

yako Niceee

vilivata Good

mega_litt Great voice

maccy1984 Where can I get the single?

dr9p3x Optional("")@maccy1984 not released yet. Will keep u updated. Respect

sciencebeats The best show on this station

dr9p3x @sciencebeats big respect. Thanks.

elenka Капец, ты стелишь четко! This Rep is real cooool

slavesonbeat wicked !!

ogb Dat a fiyah


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joshuadavid Yo big up Percy!

percyfilth Yo this is dope. Thanks for the video.

raad dope

joshuadavid @percyfilth thank you for the dope beat!

joshuadavid @raad good looking out!

djside Good Vibes

djside Good Vibes

djside Good Vibes

joshuadavid @djside appreciate that!

joshuadavid Big up everybody who’s shown love on this vid. God bless y’all!

machito_man Ayeee I like the Flotation

joshuadavid Optional("")@machito_man much appreciated man

maxta Heavy beat + good mc