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Lorenzo Davis New York, NY, USA

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soulsinger21 Bronx

thesinger DOPE!!!

miamoisa Cooooooool

soulsinger21 @thesinger Thanks bro. Had to let everybody know I was just taking a break for December but I’m back to business.

soulsinger21 @miamoisa Thank you

geebag This is real nice guys

soulsinger21 @geebag Thanks. Respect

lastdoghung @geebag

quantumatics Wow dope!

braydog4647 This is the best song I’ve heard on this app

soulsinger21 @quantumatics Thanks. Appreciate that

soulsinger21 @braydog4647 Thank you very much. Appreciate the love

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soulsinger21 Bronx

Speak Yo Mind
Beat by sherlockbones
Was inspired by @southernquill amazing vocals on this beat so i just had to jump on it. @southernquill I’m still... read more


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nikimukhi Fire always!!

daruffpoet @nikimukhi

gwop ANOTHER ONE !!!!!!

soulsinger21 @daruffpoet Bars is as always my guy

daruffpoet @gwop them beats tho

daruffpoet Salute brother



heartspare Powwwwwwwwww

daruffpoet @tywhite @heartspare @quantumatics

daruffpoet Salute brother

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soulsinger21 Bronx

gotern Круто делаешь!!^_^

zarahjones Beautiful

soulsinger21 @zarahjones Thank you. Glad you dug it

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southernquill Chicago

soulsinger21 @southernquill What’s up with our duet tho ?

mckillerpagan Niceeee

southernquill @soulsinger21 Shiyaaat I’m waiting on you!

southernquill @mckillerpagan thank you!!!

soulsinger21 @southernquill Ok. I’m working on it

southernquill @soulsinger21 finger dangling over the start button.

mckillerpagan @southernquill @soulsinger21 you two

budabapbeats This is smooth. Really clean recording quality.

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soulsinger21 New York

astral_uk Check out my page bro got a beat you might like

mckillerpagan Fam

gwop FLAMES KID !!!

oski I want a hear more this is fire bro honestly real talk I’m a fan big brother

thesinger Bro you already know how I feel about you and this song. Get this track. My treat. I need to be blasting this in the streets of Atlanta saying that’s my brother

soulsinger21 @gwop Thanks my dude. I told you this joint is a banger for real

soulsinger21 @oski Thanks man I really appreciate that

soulsinger21 @thesinger Oh you will bro. Very soon

soulsinger21 @starseedbeats Thanks. Glad you dug it. Respect

soulsinger21 @mckillerpagan Thanks a lot man

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timeoutbeats Sounding dope as usual man!

soulsinger21 @thesinger Good to have you back bro. Where you belong

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soulsinger21 Bronx

thesinger @soulsinger bro!!!

soulsinger21 @thesinger Thanks bro

daruffpoet sing that !!!

soulsinger21 @daruffpoet Thanks my dude

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soulsinger21 Bronx
User @soulsinger21's avatar
soulsinger21 Bronx

samthomas I love your voice man! How do you get so much strength in the vocal?

soulsinger21 @samthomas Thanks man. Appreciate that. Years of practice is the answer.

samthomas Any vocal tips you can offer?

soulsinger21 @samthomas Unfortunately not. Most of what I can do has been through trial and error. No formal training. Just listened to a lot of music and tried mimicking my favorite singers. Helped me learn what my voice could and couldn’t do. Then created my style from all@of those singers.

samthomas @soulsinger21 well you are phenomenal bro! You got insta?

soulsinger21 @samthomas @soulsinger21 on instagram

bmrpro My new favorite hit record @soulsinger

soulsinger21 @bmrpro Thanks man. Glad you dug it. Respect

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dirtybuckle Dude! That's dope.....payoff like Lotto!

soulsinger21 @daruffpoet This shit hard bro

nikimukhi always!!

daruffpoet @soulsinger21 @nikimukhi @dirtybucklesalutebrotjers

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adah Wavveyyy

timeoutbeats @theillestyet thanks yo!

raad dope

timeoutbeats @raad thanks! Much appreciated

futurarhymez This is insane!

ganjazz Riddim up From Bordeaux

timeoutbeats @futurarhymez @ganjazz thanks appreciate it!

mickymuckmusic Another one!

soulsinger21 @timeoutbeats This track is Idk how I missed it before. I gotta write something to this one

timeoutbeats @soulsinger21 dope, can't wait!!

carleto Nice !