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G.ot.u pt3
Beat by al_mighty
Some lyrics of one of my tracks from my project dropping this year check my clothing website at read more


spidalee Big up @al_mighty big beat 👊🏾

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Spida Lee "Fuck Adam West" Haha
Beat by illiterate_
Just some bars off a track what's gonna be on my new project!! Just testing the app out check my website for my LAG... read more


spidalee Big up @illiterate on this beat dope

spidalee Big up @foriegnbeggars for sharing it

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with me
the crazy ish


double_s_415 Fire!

illuminative Safe beat leafyyy @leafdog

witnessmc Too dope

quantumatics Nice mr!

ndstryrl4080 Nuts

otmc Just messed around with a few bars on this track L doctor, it's on my page if you wanna check it out

ropezas Baaaaaah !!! HEAVY !