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Spitfire Spizzle Lords Of Nothing Dust Fiend @spitfire's cover photo on Brapp.
Spitfire Spizzle Lords Of Nothing Dust Fiend @spitfire's profile picture on Brapp.

Spitfire Spizzle Lords Of Nothing Dust Fiend

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nikimukhi Dubai

theurbanizer Beautiful.

raad dope

faycbeats Mate that is so sick. Let me know if you wanna collab propa

bullfunkzoo Sickness

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! Yeah man @faycbeats I heard this on a system and it sounds amazing!

spitfire Watched about ten times now

nikimukhi Thank you @spitfire

nikimukhi Yoo thanks! @djndlc415

djndlc Just listened to this again... Sooo smooth!!!! Big up bro!!!!!

mskal big up!!!!!

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! @djndlc @mskal :)

drskn_ So fresh hearing someone playing guitar over hip hop beats, good on you for figuring it out! Sounds fucking ace

tommyjr Wud b cool to rhyme over that

boneintell Very very dope

nikimukhi Thank you guys!! @stillswitch @tommyjr @boneintell

beaturself Thank you for giving me such an emotion. You go straight to the heart so deeply. I'm a "starter producer" and damn you're inspiring me for writing lyrics man! Thank you, the way you play guitar is just...wouah! (ain't no words strong enough).

gezoegreen That should be added onto the beat.... @nikimukhi Completes the beat

nikimukhi Hey thank you!! @201gramz

nikimukhi Thank you @ajedi it's a guitar I built when I was in school (there was lots of tools to play with! Massively influenced by PRS but made a a smaller body and neck through so it's almost entirely one piece

nikimukhi Hey @beaturself thank you for the kind words man!!

excessivedel I love the singing guitar sound, it gives the beat a nice comfy psychedelic vibe :)

nikimukhi Thank you @lokick

nikimukhi Yes @alisachedina in the house x

alisachedina @nikimukhi yes blud. Finally.


suji DOP!

suji E!

nikimukhi Thank you!! @renny_ @suji

alleydarklight yeahhhh bruhhhhh heavyyyy lourddd

nikimukhi @alleydarklight thank you!!

nikimukhi Thank you @kdin

broomesy Mad!

pheobedoesit Dude amazing @nikimukhi

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silverback @deadott sick man

deadott Respect @silverback proper bumping beat!

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Beat by leafdog
Had to go in on this...


silverback Dope

rev_records dope beat, real lyrics.. we should get on a track together??

illuminative Huge flow keep it up

challis_uk Real nice bro. Big ups

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luckylex Smooth Man, Love the Beat... Jazz is where it's at ! Peace

lastdisciple superb ... can hear g rap or oc on this

dwaynemusic Bill Evans Sample?

brokenlandbeats @dwaynemusic never snitch on samples!!

dwaynemusic Optional("")@brokenlandbeats ha well whatever the sample it’s lit

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Filet mignon
Old beat I made for Jam Baxter and Dirty Dike on The Gruesome Features (High Focus)


matt2103 Great beat!!

dosgringos Bad man beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rev_records Classic beat just done a 16 to this . Safe

sm Yh Mann

itscezarhamblin Anazing beat

itscezarhamblin Amazing*

addsaudio HUGE!!!!

mazzi Dope

docskeng This beat is purrrrrrrrrree fiyahhh!

cashus Dynamite!


genghisdaze Love this beat!

lomedbeatslinga Got dat Memphis guitar sound. Killer

clairebeth Fire

timo ill shit

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Real Hip-Hop?
Beat by leafdog
Bars taken from the Novar FLIP song 'Real Things' that can be heard on 'The Last Man Standing' project available for... read more


00doylej01 Bars

challis_uk Heavy bro

themez Crazy

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tomryan Nice!!

rinsulin That hurs wavey g

eightysix BIG

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djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

spitfire Dope bro safe for jumping on the beat

foreignbeggars Where u been b.. Update the app and come back.. Shit is poppin bruh

shaygray @foreignbeggars fair play fam haha just did a new one

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spitfire Yessss homie

jyager @plaindavid big up g. Sick

david_amelei safe brother

rev_records Smashed it

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

david_amelei @boombapfestival

ladysanity Killed it

slowz That was sick!

david_amelei Big up

chesterp Smashed it bro

tomryan Dopeness man, killed it!!

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anicesouvenir Wheeled like a mudflap jheez!

jyager @Dotz you went in bro.. this is cold

dotz @jyager respect bro!!

dotz @anicesouvenir

innatej Nice!!!

quay_oj Squadron