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theelementz @starkey my homie!

mcjumanji Tryna make a collab.. Whats the plan for these beats?

starkey This one is a clip of a tune I made this summer. The other one was just something I made yesterday to throw up on here.

starkey What's up guys @theelementz ! Been a minute.

funtcaseuk Mad beat!!!

starkey Thanks man @funtcaseuk

jyager @starkey broooooo this is sick..

starkey Thanks @jyager

viking Oi oi!!! LiveO!

yakari94 stunningg damnn

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bobbytank Badman, been a long time. How u been man?

starkey I'm cool man. U?

bobbytank U n illesha comin 2 the uk?

starkey I'm trying to plan something for November. I don't think it will be both of us on that trip though.