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tu_manic Heavy as fuck bro !!!

duggibeats Respect @tu_manic safe bro

stnmn This is huge. Type of beat you instantly start writing to

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genghisdaze Love your flow Verb!

verbt @gengisdaze respect man

stnmn Nice one Verb

raad Dope @verbt

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challis_uk Dope!

hi_jak ill T!!

dosgringos Yessss! Big up verb twazzer!!!

badhabitz Big ups g!!

verbt @badhabitz beats real nice man

rinsulin Really nice g

silverback Wooooah @verbt @badhabitz

mcsubliminal Loving the beat + Verb never disappoints !

firedog This.... You... Your skills....

firedog Is fucking crazy... i could watch you all day just spitting rimes from that wonderfilled brain of yours <3

leafdog killed it t... we gona use this for the rld sp ep u wanna be on it?

djlok Boom!

verbt @leafdog yeah man, for sure

marston Dope

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chesterp delbo grotter haha smashed it! Big up datkid glad your back on road!

dosgringos Nangalang! Every time

foreignbeggars Each and every!! Very hard (pause)

foreignbeggars Fam what's your twitter

b_clever Datkid smashed it AGAIN @foreignbeggars follow him on Twitter @mathiusjones

datavelli Much respect you lot!

datavelli And big shout to @illinformed for the beat.

prysds Facccckin dope.. Seen a vid of your dropping this bar on FB waved fammo. Straight killing it G

datavelli @prysds Safe man.

boombapfestival Jheez so glad you're back g you were missed

josebee Nice!

hank_hiller Bang bang

illdando Props g

lindenjay bars

grimtimez Hard!!

oab Kulla baby

tommyhatchet dope scheme

jonnydrillz @datavelli smashed da ting

genghisdaze Killed it

illinformed @datavelli yes g!! this is dope!

bricks big

notion So dope

nebula_beatz Good

adibanti Woi! Now that's what I'm talking about

psyke Dope Shit!

lowlife Jeeeehhzzzzz!!!

mrslipz Ridiculously hard my g


beatcotheque Great flow

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User @stnmn's avatar

bigsmokinjoe yes @stoneman bigups sir, have a good christmas.

stnmn Thanks bro @bigsmokinjoe keep it

bigsmokinjoe we in the CHARTS son!! BOOOOM!

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cecilmcfarrell Yes Parky, golden era reppin,

mrchisti All day...


apollo Fucking hell

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lastdoghung Nice bars @stoneman Cheers!

stnmn Thanks for the love bro

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justsmoked Too sick bruh

mrchisti You're actually my favourite mc right now...too good


boombapfestival Dope

prysds Fuckin dope G

mrconcept Good stuff

twoface Lit bro followed.

gi3mo Safe gang

newancients Dangerous bars


stnmn Straight up fire g

nosh_dwp Dope.

sonnyjim light the zoogy with the other zoogy

gi3mo Ha you know @sonnyjim

genghisdaze You killed it mate!


im_floki straight fire my gg

stretchmc Openly endorsing political death threats............ WHAAAAAAAAAAA YES YES YES!

instance This is ill..

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