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stretchmc Nijmegen, Netherlands

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stretchmc Nijmegen

Soul provider
Beat by gwop
Trying stuff as usual


gwop DOPE !

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stretchmc Nijmegen

Stop the hate #freepalestine
Beat by abraham_lilson
Been a while... finding time again


beeunreal Reminds me of Faithless vocals :)

stretchmc Optional("")@beeunreal

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Dubcatcher chapter
Beat by djvadim
Eat your fruit ... and all the roots are good!!!


lrd foooooorwaaaaaaard

stretchmc Yes yes @lrd

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stretchmc No more drama... protection

eightysix @stretchmc unless it's an acting job

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Odin - Do What You Love [Instrumental]
#Modern #Funk #Hiphop #Vibes from the vault! Myself on the vocals too! Drop your feedback in the comments below and... read more


sicksixet this available

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raad cerrrrrrti

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raad Too good

sim Yes yes

eightysix Let me know if this ones available sim sounds like a track to me

lastdoghung Niceness

mrconcept this is big. Beat is fire sim nice one

eightysix @raad @lastdoghung @mrconcept @sim SU'UM special in this music for real

sim Sounds like a plan @eightysix I'll get this over to you. Would love to hear a full track.

eightysix @Sim send it here let's build

sim @eightysix yes indeed.

quantumatics Dope

eightysix @quantumatics thank you

slowz Goin in g!

eightysix @shadow you got a contact email ?

sim @eightysix check your inbox.


eightysix @shadow check ya email

slowz Nothin there bro make sure u type the . After mr


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stretchmc Camping De Bloksberg


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amfs Yes man. Wise words. Much love.

stretchmc @amfs dope riddim brother

amfs Ahh thanks man. Roll over to my sound cloud for a d/l of the whole scoop get me on the FB if ya wanna colab bro. I'm always keen.

deadott dope shit, beat and bars!

stretchmc @amfsl will do @deadott

kyu_tracks Crazy! Really good.

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Drunk freestyle
Beat by baishekings
Never a truer word said than in jest...


stretchmc @baishekings sorry man... Lol

baishekings @stretchmc looooool Swaishe man keep up the vibes