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Jake Ryan @sweettoothinnit's cover photo on Brapp.
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Jake Ryan

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elhawk Mean raps.


innatej Nice man!

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oab illy

skinzmann Jeeez

alphamemphis This joint is straight up crack water flames

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viciouscreep Haha damn.... you raped that one xD madnice

sweettoothinnit Safe big up! Beats fire!

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sweettoothinnit I'll lace this tonight!

bigbenbtmkr damn!

newancients Oh shiiiiit!! This beat is out of this world.

s_e_v_i epidemic - set it off


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viciouscreep sick mate! big up!

ruffriderinnit Safe bro

jhimself sick mate


benza Sick sick sick! Loving your style bro! U got this locked! Big up

ruffriderinnit @benza cheers bro! Just checked out ur shit too it's hard man feeling it

benza @ruffriderennit thank you man! It's appreciated gotta love this app lol keep up the good work and get at me for future collab if u up for it? Just starting new album and ur more than welcome! Peace

ruffriderinnit Haha innit mate it's not bad at all and safe bro respect will holla sometime

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fordz bars #epiclolz
Beat by litework
fuck knows i use all my bars on brapp instead of usin em for tracks lol


fordz @litework

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sweettoothinnit The dopest mc

sweettoothinnit Warn recs got your ma wrecked on a park bench

keiosxlek doope broo !!

ruffriderinnit Cheers mate

im_floki boom... bap!!!!



jhimself A not so big dick

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jamieg I like this a lot my g

sweettoothinnit Safe bro, only the first 8 or 16 got loads more for it like!

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ezragraymusic noiiice g!

ruffriderinnit Saafe

chesterp That was wicked big up!

ruffriderinnit Big respect mate a appreciate that

genghisdaze Dope as fuck Bruv!