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Tyler Daley aka Hoodman (Children Of Zeus) @tdaly's cover photo on Brapp.
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Tyler Daley aka Hoodman (Children Of Zeus)

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tdaly Me nah hear dis nu man?


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foreignbeggars G.. What's up with the upside down vids.. The latest version has a rotate option.. Zooop

lrd Crazy! Killed it brother.

konnykon @foreignbeggars I rotated it to hopefully get some gigs in Australia

geebag Ha ha!! Proper underground @konnykon

djcharocks Sound like polyphonic ringtones!

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Lazy day!
Beat by kelakovski
Son of Zeus .. Children of Zeus single "still standing" is where it's at!


tdaly Points if you caught the scheme

benza I did! And I loved it! Love your style bro! Big up!



grimtimez Bars fi dem

percyfilth noiice

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foreignbeggars So good


skitz84 Dope

mcbluntos sick


drain16 Just this out to see what else you had....damn lrd back at it with the sorry but this has to get a share

drain16 Separate comment on the bars...what's that word again TALENT!

ortizart killed it

raad dope

reemremi Bro been listening to your music on soundcloud all week more life 2 u g

tdaly Nuff love. An thanks remi man. Bless

skitz84 Push that shit out there bruv cos its dope, raw and smooth like Nutella. HipHop 4eva


hoopa That is some serious wordplay bruddah

markymarkosa This is too much. This needs to be a track hood

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prysds Waiting patiently for this children of Zeus shizzzzle

grimtimez Gwarn

nikimukhi Feeling this loads!

raadrock I dig

themez Fuckin BADDD


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innatej Nice flow man

tdaly @innatej cheers bro ;)

3mebeatz Fire g

paslow Cold

tdaly Bless mi bruddahs!

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foreignbeggars Throw my hands around like a deaf sentence

foreignbeggars Also latency issues getting worked out too

tdaly Wicked!!! That's the only issue, apart from that the app is

danmorze @tdaly smashed it brother!!


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mczani Yes nutty! Sick!

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mczani sick!

mojo Wooo

rbtovitocrew Oh my goddess

djma3stro Talented. Check my page for some dope beats, we might put out good music together.

fesa Wonderful flow

quantizemusic1 You remind me of hawk house

sonnyjim yooo this is ill

chesterp That's mad beautiful! Thank you

psyke Bars! Awesome!

jazzychavo pow!!!



4tunempire entrancing

efexuk Overly dope as always!


specialists nasty dam, lovin your stuff

thesinger DOPE

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mynameisnuttyp My don!!! Ima shout u soon

3mebeatz Dope

morgz Nang

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tdaly "does he make beats"? only the fly shit

nikimukhi Vibessss

konnykon Tuff