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lrd Dope

mrconcept Nice


easyd Jheeeeze

djevidenz Love defenders. Keep it up

taemintekken Good job bro, check my beat, I hope you'll like it

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nikimukhi Heavyy

lrd Yeah. Sick

lastdoghung Bars

eightysix BIG

retro Dope

docskeng this is dope bro, check my beats and follow me back!

oozhe Gee!!!

hollyflo Bars for days...

geebag Dun dun dun dun @oozhe

geebag Got them big chocolate bars for you @hollyflo

begalot Smooooooth boi

geebag Safe people, now go for yours cos I went for mine!

raad legit

geebag Respect Themealicious!! Big up @raad

honeylarochelle Wow. U got barz

geebag I still on Facebook? @themez

geebag U I meant

geebag Thanx @honeylarochelle I'm sure you got something too

illinformed fiyyyaahh!

geebag @illinformed it's a nice beat B! Safe for the repost

monstermatt Nice written!

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foreignbeggars G.. What's up with the upside down vids.. The latest version has a rotate option.. Zooop

lrd Crazy! Killed it brother.

konnykon @foreignbeggars I rotated it to hopefully get some gigs in Australia

geebag Ha ha!! Proper underground @konnykon

djcharocks Sound like polyphonic ringtones!

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resone Tagging in @Chesterp

resone Sorry for confusion in the name. My app is bugging out wouldn't let me change it

deadott boom!

jazzychavo wiiiild

lrd Sick. Need to get you on one of mine!

foreignbeggars Woooii

resone #brapptag

kyu_tracks Dope!!!

prysds Flip off the fives when the van passes

prysds Absolute fire son



viciouscreep pooooow! fire

abetheproducer Fuck band practice!


dubdiggah killed it!

kinetiks Sick brother!

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sizezero as always!!!

quantumatics Dope

djivan6 Big.

oab hahaha killa intro

iomega Nice

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stretchmc Love your smoothness geeza

oneoz That's that shiit

gus Soo Dope.

timeoutbeats Smooth!

slowz That beats hella cold g

harvsletoad My don .. Utterly butterly

saulthesame Shwayphe gees! Big love

litework Woyyy

shayd Done x

genghisdaze That's tight

chazaap Killed it

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themez #brokenΒ£nglish #ironbraydz #parky #foreignbeggars all the headddZ

silverback all the heads


phizikgarm Sickkkk!!!

phizikgarm @mchedge

freshtodeath HARD!!!

missmiakang Woooooooooooo

ayahmarar Dope

dosgringos Dopeness

waxyleeds Harddd

boomsy Jeeeezzz fire right here

sonnyjim I fucks with this

im_floki theme back at it dun know!!!!!!

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figarate Dope as per chess

deadott can't wait for that album!

golden_nine Heavy!!!

cecilmcfarrell Yes Chess. BOSS

cratedivizion Been Smashing It For years,Much Respect Chester

prysds BOSS.

jyager @chesterp nothing but fire brother always from day

3000bass YES! Biggup!!

eriddla the don!

illuminative Fucking huge wrecking the BRAPP scene incredible

illuminative More than just an MC, so humble, watch this guys interviews, such an inspiration

sosouthern So cold

bigsmokinjoe sick! just watched the doco too, big ups and all the best for 2016

sizezero #Inspiration

majestic The nicest

mcprincewayne Sick as usual braap

ashtheauthor Too dope! When is this dropping?

binakaj Yo P.. Check out my beats for rap

scratch4cash Good to see the Chester p

lowlife Sick


pyne King chess' salute

kyu_tracks So SICK!

lrd GOAT

prysds @chesterp have you got a contact I can hit you up on bro?

ezragraymusic sick

joe_seeds Yessss!


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prysds Waiting patiently for this children of Zeus shizzzzle

grimtimez Gwarn

nikimukhi Feeling this loads!

raadrock I dig

themez Fuckin BADDD


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Left Them Flightless 4 Claiming Flyness
Big up the DON #7thDan and the #TripleDarkness squad...snippet from album dropping on #realtalkrecords This guys...


freshtodeath Did you actually think about toning it down??..

tomryan Smashed it bro!!!

jyager I've never been sent for cause I end wars when I'm in them is that 10:4 you can bring men!! you went in on this fam

themez @jyager @tomryan

ruffriderinnit Your sick mate