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Lorenzo the Soulsinger New York, NY, USA

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thesoulsinger The Bronx

timeoutbeats gonna miss hearing these vocals on here for sure

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thesoulsinger The Bronx

djevidenz Love the style. Maybe Carl Thomas flavour I say.


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thesoulsinger Battery Park
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thesoulsinger The Bronx

monstermatt Yo you got full tracks I can hear? I’d love to collaborate if you like my beats lmk I have a ton

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thesoulsinger The Bronx
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gwop DOPE !!!

timeoutbeats Nice!!

dirtybuckle That's a hit record right there!

lucianitatt You make me smile


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_hansolo_ London

lazemz love it ! so calm

_hansolo_ @lazemz thanks!

lazemz do you have songs somewhere to listen?

equalmeasure Nice

multiversal New skool Helen reddy vibes , love it

_hansolo_ @equalmeasure

_hansolo_ @lazemz no I don’t at the moment, I just sing on here for fun but I’m going to try recording some bits soon

_hansolo_ @multiversal

thesoulsinger @_hansolo_ Amazing. This just soothes my soul. your voice

_hansolo_ @soulsinger21 thank you!

michelleward Gorgeous x


_hansolo_ @michelleward

_hansolo_ @small thanks

beeunreal Oh my days love it peach

_hansolo_ @beeunreal aww thank you!

monstermatt Love your voice is like to collaborate... I have a lot of beats

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thesoulsinger Battery Park
User @thesoulsinger's avatar
thesoulsinger The Bronx


thesoulsinger @gwop Thanks. We need to get together and work on an album bro

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southernquill Nashville

atlasbass Oh ! I really like it !! Can you send me vocals files without instrumentale ? I want to sample your voice if u agree ?

southernquill Optional("")@atlasbass Yes, of course. Email me:


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Beat by timeoutbeats
The Singer... Special- been feeling good and this one feels good. I hope you enjoy and share #thesinger #soulmusic... read more


timeoutbeats So smooth!! Much love for jumping on the beat

thesoulsinger @thesinger Mr. Nelson...Welcome back...We missed you LOL

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thesoulsinger Lower Manhattan

samthomas I wanna write with you bro!

thesoulsinger @samthomas Anytime bro