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Darren Ibbetson

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theurbanizer Yes kidda! Boom indeed.. Tell me you have the time/ gear/ drive to record me a full length vocal? This collab would slay the dance. Proper genre crossover business. Killa.;)

agzzy Bro send me the beat to I'm due to go in the studio soon I've already got 3beats I wanna get down so yours can be the 4th and I've got a 30min DnB set to record so yeah just Gotta get in there sometime over the next month or so

agzzy I'm glad you like it I mean I like your beats aswell I think that's the 2nd or 3rd of yours I've used

theurbanizer Innit. This is the the one tho trust me. On it's way :)

agzzy I do actually have a first verse Coz the one in the vid is the 2nd verse

agzzy Bro I love that tune even better now i he's I swear might even do a proper music video for this

agzzy Now I heard the full version '

agzzy Sorry if that first but didn't make sense was typing with my lil girl on my lap and she pushed post lmao 😂😂😂

theurbanizer Got ya big man. I'm proud of this one and trust my soundsystem family will lose their shit when this gets dropped. Might even get you up to a night to drop it live. Check out my God soundsystem page on Facebook or this might let you know what time it is ;)

agzzy Will do bruva I think I just liked the right page

agzzy I'm gonna do a music video for this because I got a few ideas for it plus my good pal can film It he got his own channel on YouTube Oucheretv just Gotta get in the studio and get It down after I write abit for it 👌🏻

theurbanizer 👊

theurbanizer Agzz - give me a shout. There's a good chance I can get this released as part of an EP!

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Circus Dub - The Urbanizer remix
Would really like some bubble on this one. #steppers #dub #steppas #uk


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Already got a killer vocal for this one but a v2 never goes amiss now does it? ;) #dub #dubwise #steppas #uk


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Quick idea
Just a quick idea this one. I'll finish it if anyone has some fyah for it.. #Jungle #Drumandbass #uk


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Quirky one for da junglist dem. #Jungle #drumandbass #uk


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Need vocals for this. HMU
Early 2000's sounding jump up, with a little cheekyness. I can take off the Bette Davis sample :P #drumandbass...


b_clever @aggzy would smash this! 👊

b_clever @agzzy would smash this 👊

agzzy Yes I would and I'm about to right now lool 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

theurbanizer Biguuuuup!

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Melignant Tuba (Working title)
Looking for an mc to collab on this one. Wanting to here something different ya know? Hit me with all you'e got... read more


theurbanizer I just got D bo General to voice this one and its just been signed by the legendary FLEX label. Kapow!