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lowlife Guernsey

raad Fresh

djlethalskillz @lowlife Salute mah man tq for blessing the beat Killah flow

djlethalskillz @lowlife if u down ima send u full beat holla

lowlife Mate that would be sick

lowlife Thanks for the support djlethalskillz

djlethalskillz @lowlife Word da funk up! hit me up on djlethalskillz@gmail... Salute Salute!!

lowlife Thanks "djlethalskillz" it means alotits going to go on my mixtape "life of lows" which will drop in the summer! my first mixtape an yes tamboescobar! channle islands guernsey

djlethalskillz @lowlife send me ur email addy i

dhuz @lowlife no problem bro!!! :)

dhuz i don't check all your tunes bro, but in a moment sure i ll be there :) Thanks for listen!! :)


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chill hip hop


spawnzero This is insane

lastdoghung Dope!

redbeard slick!


disgust Fire

budzggg dank

keiosxlek Dope !!!

timeoutbeats This is dope!

raad Dope.

klotz I need this beat bro

klotz @richyspitz is this beat available bro?

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p739 Yes