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Mista P

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mobbing deep
lets go.... show me your best shit u might even get a deal!


dosgringos Dope beat!!

jyager @leafdog this is dope bro

fordz just spat on this

leafdog big up fellas

leafdog @jyager hope u well cuz

jyager @leafdog blessings n love brother. Likewise g. Hit me on my email g it's on my page bro

jyager Glad we got you on brapp.. I know you got magic!!! @leafdog

leafdog @jyager will do cuzzo

mrprefect @leafdog no iphone but heres a link to me on this beat

mrprefect @leafdog no iphone but heres a link to me on this beat


oldboyhiphop Me on the Eyes Can't see beat...Peace.

mozaic check it leafy

innatej Just put some throw away bars on this Leafy! Would be honoured if you'd take a look at my page

genghisdaze @leafdog this is pure

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Had To Get On This
Beat by tomprecise
Had to jump on this last banger by @tomprecise #d2gh


tomprecise That's that right there!!

pstormdubai @brapp congrats on this app, it's gonna be massive.

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pstormdubai Fire I'm jumping on this shit right now

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jyager This is dope