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witnessmc Killaaaa as always fammo!!


renzeeno Hard

sontwisted monster

zealous1 I love the build up and deliveries

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raad Yes bruv


cliquetracks Yessirr!!!

witnessmc my fucking dude!!

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raad boom

nme Bad man


rashadthegod Dope as fuckkkk man good shit!!


kam32 Big up my IBC brother. Smashing it as always...

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penfoldpoet Hmmmnn


foreignbeggars Back up in this

rondeux Oh shit

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tomryan @curtcataract respect man, this is the sort of beat I can fornicate it

insight Finally! Someone did this beat justice.

tomryan @insight big up bro,appreciate that.beat is so dope,I could write to that shit all day long lol

lowlife Bad man lyrics!!

oab woooooooooo!

ruffriderinnit Rate your bars mate, flow and rhymes are absolutely sick feeling it

cyphercircuit You're the man. Glad to see you on here

tomryan @cyphercircuit big up!! I need to get back on couple of weeks and il be back on it hopefully.glad to see you on here also.UK to the USA

cyphercircuit Yeah man! We are trying to get out brand out there as much as possible. Slowly but surely!

tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestivalr2

tomryan #boombapfestivalR2

dseize Daaaymnnnn broooo

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tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestival

sofaking Jheeeeeeeeeeeeze

imnotfamous Thisssss guyyyyyy

tomryan @imnotfamous I hope you have some videos up,I'm about to check,if not then get busy son ;) hope you're well bro

tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestivalR2

atroxbeats sick man very lyrical !!

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skeptic7 yoo g!! your sick. can imagine you on my album!!

jfield Heavy fam!

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saulthesame yoo g went in! big ups

tomryan @saulxl big up man,dope beat!

vard ill as fuck

crtz Jeeeeez! Huge again man!

oab superb

illuminative Fucking animal, big up bruva @tomryan

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be_00 You never disappoint, this is sick

oab ill bars my diggy!!

raad Bringing it! Big OAB on the beat!!

shotstoppa Super Saiyan bars!!!

newancients Sick bro!

oab We should make some more tracks g!

tomryan Hell yea bro,sounds good to me!!

illuminative I'll dismantle with 3 bars and if we spar I'll bang till you see stars' @tomryan real g goin in

tomryan Big up mchedges much appreciated bro

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shotstoppa Smashed to pieces bruv! So many sick lines. Respect

tomryan Thank you bro I appreciate it.just checked your video too,some sick patterns and content man.respect sir

shotstoppa Nice one bro, safe for checking!

oab Powpow

kryptik Hefty

tomryan Thank you fellas.

mrchisti Yes guy! That was dope ;)

tomryan Safe bro,nice one

tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestival

genghisdaze Always smashing it!

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lastdisciple probably my favorite track from u... great to see a uk mc who cam totally hold his own on a track with spit gems and abyss

tomryan Big up man, it's a personal favourite of mine too actually lol respect man

silverback Dope man.clever wordplay

tomryan Thank you bro.glad you like it

chesterp All your stuff I see on here is brilliant man I look forward to hearing some of your tracks. Big up!

cecilmcfarrell Wowzers

wesallen You ate that fam #illbreed

tomryan @chesterp that means the world to me man,Iv been a big fan of yours for many years now. Here's a few links to a couple projects I dropped this year.i hope you enjoy them sir. @wesallen big up bro,im hungry lol

genghisdaze Blown away

casablanca This is mad!!

figarate Dam fam

shotstoppa Straight fire!!!! Feeling the bars hard!

jfield Mad word play fam! Killing it!

geckodub Oiiiiii that was sick, well done!!

tomryan Thank you everyone.glad you all record something new today

tomryan @boombapfestival #boombapfestival

normoddity Proper


russtafari we should collaborate, check the beats. Respect!

david_amelei Yeeeeah man, feeling this

zealous1 Holy fucking illness