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ruckspin Ha yes mate #sickinthefaaaaaayce

lrd Killed this.

mcprincewayne Yes mate


tigerlight haha I love u

rebelaca Man. You always had this whole mad language of your own. West london slang with a sling Shot on top. love and respect to you g. Loving all the shit you're up to these days. Keep on keeping...

viking This ones sick in the face!!! This ones overly nagn!!!!! You said it bro!!!!

sophiejade Yep

leonfyah Yes I @illaman you g

panaromic Daym

russ Mad flow brudda

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The only #remix I ever made of the music of a dear old friend, may she rest in peace.


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Gameplan Riddim Snippet
Some work in progress biz


cobes VIBES!!!

trol23 Thanks bro! :)