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ruckspin Ha yes mate #sickinthefaaaaaayce

lrd Killed this.

mcprincewayne Yes mate 👍 👊💥💥💥

3mb4 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

tigerlight haha I love u

rebelaca Man. You always had this whole mad language of your own. West london slang with a sling Shot on top. 🙏 love and respect to you g. Loving all the shit you're up to these days. Keep on keeping... 👏🏽👊🏽🔉🔉

viking This ones sick in the face!!! This ones overly nagn!!!!! You said it bro!!!! 😎

sophiejade Yep

leonfyah Yes I @illaman you g

panaromic Daym

russ Mad flow brudda

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The only #remix I ever made of the music of a dear old friend, may she rest in peace.


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cashcobain @dosgringos415

dosgringos @cashcobain big up man ,enjoyed that 🔥

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Gameplan Riddim Snippet
Some work in progress biz


cobes VIBES!!! 💯

trol23 Thanks bro! :)