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nikimukhi Nice man!

apukrapper If you ever up collab lemme know you're hard bro

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notesproducer sick flow

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ukmillz Thanks bro @lrd the beats hard

raad Millzzzz

krayze Fuck off.... Punch lines are hard!!! "10 toes in size 9s" the cats nine lives shit too. All of it was

ukmillz Thanks for the love g @krayze if you like punchlines scroll through my page. You'll like it

ukmillz @raad thanks Bruv

krayze No worries g! Nothin but

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lrd Oiiiiiiii

ukmillz Lol thanks @lrd you killed that beat

garage Sound potter payper esc

ukmillz Lol @garage dunno if that's good or bad

quay_oj Harrrrrd

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raad Boom


quay_oj Once my girl played ball i knew she was a keeper

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lrd Respect brother! This is hard.

fredmerky DOPE.

juksy REALY GOOD !

lrd Just listened to this again. Schooling rappers with this bro.

ukmillz Thanks bro @lrd I appreciate that. Hard beat

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lrd This is . Gotta get you on one of mine bro. Killed this

zarahjones Love this!!!!

ptredeyez Punchlines are crazy

grjoemusic You fully smacked it don

ukmillz @zarahjones thanks

ukmillz @grjoemusic @ptredeyez I appreciate that thanks.

mskal big up, heavy flow!!!!!

iamcas Wavey


brightymusic jheezeeeeee

fingersfreddy Dope Drums