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bigrema Woking

timeoutbeats that was dopeee g! much love for jumping on the beat

bigrema No problem bro, thanku

timeoutbeats @rema if you ever want to link up for a track let me know

bigrema @timeoutbeats yh man, shout me at

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raad boom

gwop fire !!!!!!!!!


aarondsutton310 I dig it ma


cbeats Hmmmm

boynash Shes cold

babakanak Uhhhhh sista you are

suji Dope!

abetheproducer Dope

3lias Ohhh yeahhh thats one very special ;)

phantasm Fire

rollg Ooofff wicked !

nonsprod boom

riverfloww Jazzy

riverfloww Collaboration ?

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Little Brapp Before Work. • jack CC & Herring Franky on the Beat • #hiphop #dts


oab neck deep!

shotstoppa Big up!

chazaap Finally! Yes mate on point!

missmiakang Yes. I love

vard Yes yes dope af!! What beat you do this to ?

missmiakang @saulxl can we get some more brapps please this was heavy

saulthesame @missmiakang safe! coming soon... i dropped my phone down the toilet...

slowz Top stuff g

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joeshire Perth

raad yes yes

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bigs Street

beatcotheque Yeaa! Straight fire!


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sturje Sam! @bigs

bigs @Sturje Bless bro, sound

jayeff Ooooosh!

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Why Not
Beat by lrd
Checkittt. been a long ting props to lrd for the beat


crossy Woiiii oiiiii!! This is largeeeee


doluxbeatz FEATURING GRO


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futurarhymez Insane wordplay!

raad this is dope

trickzy Yeah your very good bro. Rate

garage liiivee

jfield Got you on one of the CDs in my car, dunno Illinformed gave them me when I was last chilling with him, not sure if it was jack jetsons album or bills mould tape, but you're the only Scottish rapper I've ever rated lol

budzggg wow

mrconcept Excellent

spacebeats good job !

hollyflo Still sick

bige Dang

danism Proper ! Big ups

abetheproducer nice

sonorous_ You’re taking the fookin piss Breda!!


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vard @raad safe

easyd Return of the @vard

vard @easyd haaaaiiiii

docskeng Going in check my beats g!

genghisdaze Killed the bet homie!!

joeshire Wooooooooïïeeeeee

nebula_beatz good job

joeshire Like da bubbles on ya bathhhhhh! Got dis on repeat @vard ... Nice one @jayeff for reposting, forgot about this!

jayeff Haha ikr @joeshire we'll get some recording done soon @vard just need to get more beats together ;)

joeshire @jayeff have to get some sent over for you g's... Ed sent me his email so I'll get on it. Best thing is to video call and flick thru

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