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Stevie Collins

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onelion_sound Bad man

lrd Yesssss @verbo you gonna record a 16 for this for me??

verbo Yea 100% mane!! Link me the track on Facebook if possible or you want my email? I'll get to the studio in the week

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mahill BOOM !

saulthesame this is hard g

verbo Safe lads, @saulthesame you got this track available in full? Would love to lay some bits over it

verbo @onelion_sound

verbo @lrd I'm back! :D lost my phone for a while! Whip me up some bangers like this G !

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verbo @chairmanmaf

lastdoghung @verbo niiiiice!

robofjohnson Yesss!!

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slardy Oiiiiii stop being so don!! ;) dope!!

djlethalskillz Praaaaaaaaaa'! Salute

verbo @lethalskillz saaaafteyy geezaa :D did say I had to cook something up for this! Such a big tune! Is this available atall? Would love to realese it on my up coming EP for @onelion_sound records :)

verbo Big ups @slardy !!!

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lastdoghung @verbo Yes mate! Killed it

verbo @lastdoghung safteeyy!! Man iv got so much fresh content for this! Can't wait to record a full track to this!

lastdoghung @verbo awesome! Can't wait to hear it

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crossy Big up!

ped Oiii

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trav Killed this shit fam!

verbo @trav safteeyy geeZa! Been wanting to blast this tune for a while! Proper rating it! Just need to next level flow to make it sound proper dope, I'm thinking of writin some fresh bars for this :)

djdirt Big big strong good bro !!!

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lrd BIG

tu_manic Boom!!!!!

zico NICE

verbo Safteeyy lads

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User @verbo's avatar