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James Kennaby Bristol, UK

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Old bars rehash
Beat by vicebeats
Big ups vicebeats crazy shizz


marston Dope bars n flow bro, show yourself bro, you’ll get more views

vicebeats Big ups man!

ped One love guys @vicebeats @marston, I'll take that onboard too man!

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bigsmokinjoe Burnham-on-Sea

Back in The Brook
Beat by vicebeats
Shouts out Vice! Big ups the Braybrook/Footscray Fam!


casualness on di mother !

marston Dope

bigsmokinjoe Optional("")@casualness nice one bro!

bigsmokinjoe Optional("")@marston cheers mate, checked your vids too, you’re a beast!

marston Optional("")@bigsmokinjoe bless up brother, your not far from me bro, if you fancy jumping on something in future add me up on Facebook bro and we’ll chat

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vicebeats Thanks man! nice bars

rudii_ols Big ups mate, the beat is peeeeeng!

brennan YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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vicebeats This is man! Thank you for using my beat!!!!! Be happy to send it to you to record this properly if you’re felling it?

dr9p3x @vicebeats yo man great beat for real. Would love to bless this Please email cheers man.


ericofficialz Check my page I have dope beats

avigilantvoice fire

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Sure Shot
Upbeat chopped vibes with this one. Boombap on a sunny day! #chops #beatinn #2018


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illuminative Veteran T, smashed it!

fordz one of my idolz

quantumatics Damn son! BOSS!

charliemac nice one man @verb

vard Large

pyne Yes bro!

gordon_tusk Good shit dude!

poyzon The don

cecilmcfarrell Verb T you're a Grumpy prick DOPE BRO

nebula_beatz Tchek ma fucking beat bro

vicebeats This is nice man! As ever!


docskeng Dope, follow me back and check my beats if you can verbs!

greaseburn should be a single

greaseburn should be a single

violentlyill big up verbz!

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Half Job Harry
Taken from my collab project with C-Froo called "Unit 1" the original features Jonny Steele of The Scribes -... read more


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Taken from a forthcoming AE Productions project. #perhaps anyone want to use this for a #brapptag ?!



vicebeats @sizezero thank you Brutha!!

dwall Yeah good sound

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Wasted Minds Hope you enjoy it :-)


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All I Can Say
A soulful upbeat hip hop vibe with a little vocal sample in for good measure! #slyvibes