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Brapp Music Video by @cecilmcfarrell: "I wish I had a phat backpack with a propeller"

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bigsmokinjoe niiiiiiiiiice

quantumatics Large up mate! I really dig your flows!

cecilmcfarrell Shout out to @bigsmokinjoe . @quantumatics cheers man, really feelin those beats of yours. We Should link. I'm working on my second LP atm but maybe the next project?

quantumatics Most definitly man, holler when u need sounds

cecilmcfarrell Wicked, I'm a fan of those 98s you make. They've got that early nineties bounce which is perfect for my style.

quantumatics Good to know bru, love to collab!

mcprincewayne Braap! Yes bruv

cecilmcfarrell @mcprincewayne respect



cecilmcfarrell @sizezero @i_am_muzick cheers guys

eightysix Let me borrow that backpack when ya get it

cecilmcfarrell @eightysix haha yes mate