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Brapp Music Video by @evalazarus: "Always Mad"

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Always Mad
Felt like picking up my guitar and starting something new! #jam #fuckyourbadvibesbro #tryingtostayhappyoverhere... read more


foreignbeggars Vibes


mrchisti So beautiful...

mcjumanji This

phoebeirondread Jeheeze!

brooklynnstarr Love Eva


nikimukhi Best!!

eightysix Yep

chesterp That was beautiful Eva really enjoyed it! Thank you

3mb4 nicee

evalazarus @foreignbeggars @graziella

evalazarus @mrchisti @mcjumanji thank you!!

evalazarus @phoebeirondread thank you sis!! We gotta jam soon!

evalazarus @Brooklynnstarr @montymontana85 big upppppp!!!

evalazarus @nikimukhi @eightysix Ayyyyyyy!! Thanks babz!!

evalazarus Hey!!! @chesterp Thank you so much!!

mcjumanji would legit want to lay a collab down with that voice @evalazarus

quantizemusic1 liveeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

slowz If u can do more like that! I rate ur others but that was bang on! U should be makin crazy money real shit!

nebula_beatz coooooooolab =)

quantumatics Collab? I got a tune maybe

fionajane Bloomin' gorgeous