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Brapp Music Video by @vitaminggg: "The Chosen Few . GGG!!!!"

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harvsletoad Owh shit

harvsletoad seriously tho who else in the chosen few got this flava lets b real not hating but jheeeeeeeze this is

jazzychavo aaa ye!!!

shotgunshell This BANGS so HARD!!!! Big!


vitaminggg @shellyskrufayce safee!


ladysanity Flows mad!

vitaminggg @ladysanity nice 1 !!

normoddity Yo!

mvr too nice for real man


joeshire Ugghhhhh fireeeee!

saulthesame My donnnn! Heaattyy

timeoutbeats Dopeness

mskal you kill them!!!!

nook fuckin sick big up

plainview piss taker lad

wish Hard check me if want collab

foreignbeggars Yo dude!.. You got selected for the final round.. Says you have 24 hours to get your barz in

vitaminggg @foreignbeggars yooo yes geez , iiiiight standard!