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Brapp Music Video by @draw: "Mckillerpagan your a bitch"

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draw @Mckillerpagan

mckillerpagan You sound like a retarded version of Stan lol. Eminem with an extra chromosome lol

draw Dudes a rich man I will take that as a compliment I ain’t got time to argue with u I’m worrying about the green bro

mckillerpagan @draw cool. Get your paper bro. No hard feeling. Thanks for the repost. Appreciate it.

draw No prob bro

mckillerpagan @draw google my music bro. Dreamos

draw Will do bro i’m going to be releasing Shit this year just now got me a studio built feels like I’ve been waiting forever but I’ll definitely check that shit out

draw @mckillpagan checked it bro shits pretty dope I like the vibe Over there good shit