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Brapp Music Video by @blackberry: "Song_Tell me"

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blackberry United Kingdom

Song_Tell me
Big up @qvd for tha smoooth riddem 👌🏽


southernquill Love, gives me Martina Topley-Bird Sandpaper Kisses feels!

blackberry @southernquill Thank You ✌🏽

blackberry @qvd thankin youu!

linguizy 🔥🔥🔥

normoddity Drop an email over, would love to pass on some music 🙌🏻

blackberry @normoddity Thankyou that wud be great!! ✌🏽

raad 💯💯💯

badass Hey do YOU have face book

badass YOUR exactly WHAT i want i reallly want

badass That piece on a track