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Brapp Music Video by @calmdowncolin: "Drifting thru the cosmos"

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thefilthybarkid Yes! @calmdowncolin where you been man!? Absolutely smashed it bro big ups!

calmdowncolin Haha! @filthybarkid bless up! I've been about, just mad busy. I want to make a constructive effort to make more time for music though.

thefilthybarkid You definitely should do man

deadott Kills it every time!!

domin8tion U can be tha boss look up to the cross stranded in the the land of the list!!!!

domin8tion Lost

raad yes Colin!

tommyjr Bruv ur Ill . Master craftsman

calmdowncolin Yo, bless up to you all for the encouragement @tommyjr very kind words bro, I'm pleased you feel it


eightysix Colin drop me a message please

calmdowncolin @eightysix done!

ezybeatz Deep!!

marston That’s dope