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Brapp Music Video by @zarahjones: "Chance to change"

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zarahjones Norwich

Chance to change
Beat by crypmindbeats
#singing #on #a #banger #amazing #beat sorry it's not rapping but it's too deep not to sing on


zarahjones I hear sooo much that could be going off behind my vocals harmony wise but Iv only got one of me

crypmindbeats Never thought of anyone singing on that beat tbh, you pulled it off. It's thanks for blessing the beat. Lyrics are too

zarahjones Cheers it's a great beat

djez Sincerely you'r a great singer, you are rapin too and more your voice is pure you are impressive it is always a pleasure to listen to you!! Now you know what I think of you Mrs Jones

zarahjones Appreciated thank you !!!

chylez Really nice !! Great


zarahjones Thanks guys!