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Brapp Music Video by @foreignbeggars: "Bubble n Sheikh"

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foreignbeggars Downtown Dubai

poopsidick Dope ! How did you do the effect In voice ?

foreignbeggars @poopsidick send an email to

jaykonis yess

poopsidick Thanks bro !!

addsaudio Massive!!!

stretchmc Hahahahaha the bubblers crew oggi

ptredeyez Oh My gosh!!! Bubble-ing!!

gotsomemusic Haha. Wicked. I think I know where that is in Dubai!

iomega How u get that echo

normansmall Bubbling camera work reminder me of the contact video. Just need the trippy effect to finish it off.

foreignbeggars @iomega just update the app


fiyahman Straight fire g. Standard

dsgryme #levels

dkthebarber62 Lol