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Brapp Music Video by @verbo: "BRAPP COMPETITION !!! SHOW SOME LOVE !!"

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becks14301 mateee

verbo Thanks @becks14301 by ups for the support! X

verbo Big**

becks14301 anytime man, this is sick!

kyu_tracks Sick! Keep it up!

verbo @brapp this is getting far to much love ;)

verbo @kyu_tracks thanks man! I will have to duppy one of your beats soon :)

maaaaar That's my boy xxxxxxxx

verbo #bmc16

verbo @bmc16

becks14301 still reckoon you killed this shit man x

verbo Legend thanks so much !! Literally be a dream to have a chance at this! X

maaaaar I think you have it in the bag babe you gotta have xxxxxxx

verbo @bmc16 #bmc16 !!!