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Brapp Music Video by @aemzo: "I got the 🔑but not hero enough to do another 🎬"

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leonfyah Have you got a Facebook? We needa connection! Bless up bless 👊

leonfyah Got a bassline ukg and dancehall feed on there we can get posting your music! Your killing these acoustics seshes!

jdanproductions Smooth 👏💯

kidblanco ❤️

dotgotbeats Very nice voice

krayze We should colab ✊🏼❤️

jimscreechy nice work here...big up for the follow...gonna out up some more soulful stiff soon might be something you can work with...

slyq Nice!

slyq Nice!

slyq Nice!

slyq Nice!

slyq Nice!

slyq Bloody hell did not mean to say that 5 times

aemzo @steezymcgee bless up G 👊🏾

jimscreechy just uploaded one called "GrindDate" think it would suit your voice

bilshot love this!! beautiful voice and flow! interested in singing for a record label?

thelyricsmith Class this!

illuminative dope

shotstoppa peace @amyjbless hit me up if you're looking to jam with percussion/drums. Bless G

guire @4evablessed lovely vocals and bags of appeal thanks for the follow keep up the good work. Would you sing a song wrote by someone else? I have a track in mind I wrote last summer

aemzo @jdanproductions 🙏🏾✨

aemzo @solow ❤️✨

aemzo @dotgotbeats y thank you 😊🙏🏾✨

aemzo @thelyricsmith ✨🙏🏾

aemzo @mchedges 🙏🏾✨