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Brapp Music Video by @foreignbeggars: "Geechi Suede"

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foreignbeggars Old Street



madengo @foreignbeggars whoop

drewdude Geechi my bro!

percyfilth Yesssssss.

krupa Yay yah

mrripley JeeeeZ

elhawk This makes me smile.

futurarhymez Yano like dat!!

elhawk *diamond twot.. Unreal. This is the best shit I've seen on here. Pow! Boom! Sock! Whatever the fuck man

browne Bangg

mskal boommm!

foreignbeggars Camp Lo baby

konnykon Is he on here?

bricks holy f***

gezoegreen Boi got bars.... I like

maceymonei ing!

excessivedel Sick bro

raad so good

gezoegreen He #bodied that shit


tribezman_beats Wicked!

boneintell motivation

shrinkmusic man. bars on bars. need you on one of my beats next haha

kylenmusic YOOO. This is filthy!!!