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Brapp Music Video by @drweathers: "Shake a right leg"

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drweathers Southern Oregon

gwop DOPE !!! KID !

gwop DOPE !!! KID !!!

drweathers Thanks @gwop !! Hey bro, I am a lot more comfortable & much smoother and consistent on a flow, every time I get to grind on one of your Real hiphop Instrumental Soundtrack Compositions. Please accept this open invitation, check me out on BandLab @countrycracker & in the band Camp Fire Dreams. I will promote your tracks like crazy, then throw them out like stones, no skippin those though, too much heat, smoke reaction on the water for a couple of weeks! Around here you a king already, come with me my friend, I’ll make you even more famous, by the time u finished setting your profile, i bet you famous just by associating with this guy. Https:// Gwop, you are The Real, I’d love to bring you in exclusively, I drop full albums in one night, on the first try. Imagine if I had consistent quality backing up my flows just like Ant Banks did when Too Short spit! Peace bro, much respect