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Brapp Music Video by @nuriel: "Sixteenz"

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nuriel Exeter

daruffpoet You gotta be a dumb fuck to say you got be a dumb fuck to go to jail.. that’s how I know you never lived that life ... that shit could happen to anybody... oh yea your white it rarely happens to you 😝 stick to ya day job leave the rapping to dudes that actually live that rap life like me

nuriel @daruffpoet Listen to the bar again, it says those that say going to prison is “cool” and they glorify it. Obviously touched a nerve there though fam. But it’s all good if you want to teach that going jail to your kids is calm then go ahead. And I’d eat you on a track behave....

daruffpoet Stupid fuck you don’t want this you already biting my flows and going to jail ain’t cool but shit happens I could tell you live none of what you spit you just another bitch in tats trying be what your not homie..your not gangster.. stick to writing those trash raps for the lames real niggas see through ya bullshit

daruffpoet @nuriel nigga you could never eat on a track you better check your brapp history l

daruffpoet Better ask around go on gwop page see who got top billing pussy

daruffpoet Let’s do this then I got something for that l

daruffpoet @daruffpoet I’ll free style and eat you like

nuriel @daruffpoet Biting your flows?? I don’t even listen to your freestyles on here bruv. You think I care about some old man who’s trying to beef me on a social app Lol if brapp is your claim to fame bro good for you. My highest liked freestyle has triple the amount your highest does. Do the math you melt.

daruffpoet You straight cookies lmao

nuriel @daruffpoet I’m actually making music havent got time to be wasting my pen on some grandad fam.

daruffpoet Nah you I seen on gwops page on I g you changed your who flow to mine nigga paid

nuriel @daruffpoet What😂 I don’t even know you mate you’re deluded.

daruffpoet @nuriel you see them views ...lmao anyway anytime you wanna get smoke come this way with that lame shit get ya best written I’ll smoke you with a freestyle😝

nuriel @daruffpoet @daruffpoet You’re dreaming Gramps.

daruffpoet That’s all you got .... I’m old and will still smoke you that’s why you ain’t got time youngster...lmao never mind you ain’t ready Peace ✌️

nuriel @daruffpoet You should change your name to Daruffly60Poet.....old ass grandad rapper.

daruffpoet @nuriel like I said you definitely out your ra

nuriel @daruffpoet You’re just upset I bodied this beat better than you could. Sorry fam.

daruffpoet @nuriel you definitely out of your range ..thats all you got old let’s talk about you trash bars all they do is rhyme don’t make any sense 😆😆😂😂 doo doo

daruffpoet @daruffpoet

daruffpoet @nuriel anyway put up some cash or shut the fuck up(shhhhhh hushhhhh)

daruffpoet You don’t even got likes not even you like your own shit😝😆😝😆😝😆😂😂you poop 💩

daruffpoet Bet the 7 plays you got is you listening to your own trash

daruffpoet What’s a com pu a lmao get the language down

nuriel @daruffpoet Youll get smoked on my worst day my guy. Come shut me up then