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Brapp Music Video by @eightysix: "HARD BOILD ......."

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HARD BOILD .......
#BRAPPAHOLIX (keepin the volume down cos the kids were sleepin )... read more


futurarhymez Vibez bro would love to see you live!! Have you got any gigs going on anywhere near the UK at all!

eightysix Nice one @futurarhymez I have nothing planned . I don't have any music out so I don't have any plans of gigging . I live in Camden /London so if I do have anything I will be sure to let you know

futurarhymez Anytime! @eightysix what! would never have thought that well tbh bro I am itching to do a collab with you, literally inspirational brappin from you everyday! So if you was ever down for it I would be honoured to work with yaself.

eightysix both Humbled and glad your inspired . Go create some music Send a couple bits over I'm sure we could make something to captivate your college examiners and showcase what you've learned . Glad to help . Check my Bio for email contact info RESPETANGLE @futurarhymez

agzillabeats Loving this too.... You got some amazing songs in you just waited to burst out.... One Love. Zz.

eightysix Yes @agzillabeats i think so too modesty an that . Nah ...thanks agz sometimes got the opposite to writers block

agzillabeats Yeah well if you ever have any accapella verses/songs up for collab/remix whatever.. I'm sure you know this anyway... Anytime. One Love. Zz.