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Brapp Music Video by @kudakaine: "MaryJo"

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kudakaine London

djdirt Fire bro thanksss

kudakaine Optional("")@djdirt nah man thank u...beat is

kudakaine Pls send me link to the full version of this beat.

wolfeloco Optional("")@kudakaine philthy fam

wolfeloco Optional("")@djdirt straight dope

wolfeloco Optional("")@kudakaine naw thank you fam

kudakaine Optional("")@wolfeloco yall ready know. Game on, since morning/ puttin in work, not performing/ stay out there lurking, means cautious/ hands dirty all the time/ a

wolfeloco Optional("")@kudakaine you know we got to keeps it GR7V4EN

kudakaine Optional("")@wolfeloco always fam

wolfeloco Optional("")@kudakaine thank you my brutha