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Brapp Music Video by @cobes: "Sum-Barz"

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foreignbeggars Insiiiiiide

gi3mo Shlap

sumgii Braaaaaaaaap

pritam Shatap. Made my day. Yes

kingpin Bookoo bookoo

shayd Thumbs doooooowwwwn my bruva!!! 💖

cobes Safe people!!

pritam Damn son. Would have brapped it again if I could. Shaaataaap. Haha! Big up yourself

cobes @pritam double brapp lol!! Safe bro 👊🏽

slowz That was sick! Ur hard g

ptredeyez @lrd

ptredeyez @freedotbee @iamsaintpaul @badadsin

gauk Didn't realise you man were still on it until I seen illaman on here too

leyland 😂 absolutely quality.