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Brapp Music Video by @nikimukhi: "Tout Suite (i)"

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nikimukhi Dubai

shotstoppa Speechless. Thank you for this beautiful moment.

chesterp Bro I been watching all your stuff on YouTube past few days, the ones where you have a couple girls singing with you! Amazing stuff man! Anytime your gonna do a gig in London please please let me know niki! Thanks for the sounds!

bee Gorgeous

kyu_tracks AIih Aih aih aaaih!

ladysanity beautiful. good work man

evalazarus Beautiful!!!!

djisgod wow

nikimukhi @shotstoppa thank you man! :)

nikimukhi @chesterp Nowayy man thanks for checking it out... they're excellent!! I will... want to start spending more time in London and playing out again!! Hopefully soon!

nikimukhi @graciegrey @been @kyu_tracks @ladysanity @evalazarus @djisgod BIG love you guys!! Feeling the love... Gotta write some more :)

mrconcept That's awesome niki

icetiger Wizard fingers..too much goodness

jfield What mic is this? just your phone?

nikimukhi Hey bro! This was using a Blue Spark Digital mic with a lightning connector for iOS... Combined with audio FX beta to add the compression and reverb @gauk

nikimukhi Thanks guys!! @icetiger @mrconcept

jfield Think you could link me where to buy one on instagram or something please fam?

jfield What can you connect that too etc? is the blue sparks just a normal xlr condenser mic?

nikimukhi Hey @gauk this one has a lightning connector so it connects directly into the charging port on the iPhone. Will send you a link