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Brapp Music Video by @innatej: "My entry for #StillFresh & #PotentFunk comp."

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innatej Gimme that Cash Coz bars I’ve got stacks Now I gotta get my cash to match In fact it’s mad that fact that dabbla had A Brapp track rap battle for me to smash Coz I’ve seen the tracks and other entries In fact there’s plenty But do they actually think that there MC’s? I’m here to take what’s mine Wanna hate that’s fine I know I’m keeping it century I’m climbing up the ranks winding up the cranks In my mind then I’m firing up no blanks As precise as skydiving into tanks When I devise nice rhymes and fill a bank Then climb and shine till I reach the top MCs’ll flop But I’ll flip and get to a beach that’s hot So Gimme what I’m owed Straightaway And makeway for innate j to glow