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Brapp Music Video by @dr9p3x: "Missy Ellie Ellie"

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foreignbeggars Wooooooi pulllll it


dr9p3x @foreignbeggars

dr9p3x @sosouthern

_chillmode_ @dr9p3x dope real dope

dr9p3x @_chillmode_ respect.

quantumatics Nice

dr9p3x @quantumatics bless yah respect.

mylobard Fyahhhh.

dr9p3x @mylobard

ricksta Fam! This is so sick! And original


dr9p3x Respect man. Thanks. Peace.

dr9p3x @4evablessed

_chillmode_ @dr9p3x I have a track on here I think you would be good for. Idono.

dkthebarber62 Sick

elenasan Magical mouth