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Brapp Music Video by @nikimukhi: "The difference between Blues and Indian slide"

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nikimukhi Dubai

newancients Learn something new everyday. Thanks man!

nikimukhi Thanks! @newancients will make more :)

nikimukhi Sick @newancients you guys are in Hawaii!! I gotta learn about the Hawaii slide... I think that's where it all started

newancients @nikimukhi Hawaii slack key brah, check it out

nikimukhi Seeing it now. These guys are sick!

bendodson Nice!


panaromic Can y check out my rap

mutare_music love it

nikimukhi @mutare_music @nebula_beatz @bendodson thanks guys!

blurum13 Word .#knowledge

nikimukhi @blurum13 thank you!!

blurum13 No doubt can't get the origins twisted so often i make a beat based on a blues lick the youth think it's rock. Good work as always

dubdiggah Nice

multiversal <3

nikimukhi @multiversal